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 Team and Squad Templates

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PostSubject: Team and Squad Templates   Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:21 pm

(note things marked * are required, the rest aren't necessary)
Team template

Team name:
Team members*:
Team leader:

Squad template (note that a HQ denies planetary travel however gives +5% to gains. If you wish to stay on one planet forever, get a HQ. If you intend to travel, don't have one. Also, if you leave a squad you can't get gains from another squad for its HQ and you only get half the gains of the squad. This is to minimise cheating. EG: Was in squad A but left. Joins squad B who have a HQ and have a gain of 20%. Person now has to stay on the HQ's planet and only gets 10% gains, none for HQ. Banks also get a 5% interest every Saturday.)

Squad name*:
Squad members*:
Squad Leader*:
Planet HQ:
Interested recruits*:


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Team and Squad Templates
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