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 Fusions and Personal RP questions.

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PostSubject: Fusions and Personal RP questions.   Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:36 pm

Not a suggestion, but a question:

1. For fusions:

Quote :

Name: Fusion Dance
Type: Supplementary
Use cost: 0 Ki
Description: The user, along with another character whom knows the technique, preforms a special dance ending with both character's touching index-fingers (usually chanting "Fuuuuu...sion, HA!") and both beings are combined into one for 30 minutes!
Effect(s): The users combine into one being(They must talk over P.M.'s as to who gets to control the combined fighter) for ten turns. While combined, all of his/her stats are combined into one-but they still retain lost Ki, stamina, and stat decreases/increases! The fused being can also use all the techniques of both fusees, and can train to learn new ones while fused, but whatever he/she learns CAN ONLY BE USED WHEN FUSED!
Sustaining level: When at the brink of death, the combined character splits apart, or after ten turns.
Buying Cost: 2500z
Role Playing Cost: 2500 Word Count

Now when you mean by 2500 Word Count, does each person do a certain word count to get to 2500? Like say for an E.G: I did 550 WC for the first post, and the second person did 440 WC.

2. Personal RPs. We should only do 2? I know it's to stop spamming, but the training one yes you must do 2 each week.
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PostSubject: Re: Fusions and Personal RP questions.   Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:04 pm

1. If your training with a partner then yes both can train to equal 2500, but both have to buy it separately!

2. you don't HAVE to train 2 times a week, I'm just testing something out. If this ends up beings bad, then I'll lift the restriction.
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Fusions and Personal RP questions.
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